EVOLPROOF kick-off meeting

The goal of this workshop is to bring together HPV experts, epidemiologists, immunologists and evolutionary biologists to discuss issues related to the EVOLPROOF project recently funded by the ERC.More specifically, the meeting has two goals:

  1. Allow us to assess the relevance and robustness of the protocols we planned for our clinical study and the data collection and analysis
  2. Identify additional questions we could address with our settings (or by very slightly modifying our setting)

Some participants are already part of the project but the idea is to have an inclusive approach: people are welcome to join the consortium if they want to contribute data and/or test additional questions using our data.

When & where

Jun 9 and Jun 10 at the IRD center in Montpellier. See my contact page for further details on the location.

Tentative schedule

  • Day 1 (June 9):
    • 12h: lunch and meeting of the people present
    • 14h: presentation of the EVOLPROOF project (especially the clinical study of course)
    • 15h: (optional) short talks from participants
    • 17h: presentation of the cohort protocols
  • Day 2 (June 10)
    • 9h: discussion on the protocols
    • 11h: discussion on potential extensions
    • 14h: end of meeting
    • 14-16h: optional discussion (EU grants?)

Participant list (confirmed)