Samuel Alizon

Research director at the CNRS and exploiter team leader. Theoretical evolutionary ecologist specialised in the study of infectious diseases, with a particular interest in human parasites such as HIV, HCV, malaria, ebola or HPV.

Gonché Danesh

FRM-funded PhD candidate on phylodynamics of HIV and coinfecting viruses (co-advisor: Marc Choisy).

Başak Uysal

FHU-funded PhD candidate on vaginal microbiota metagenomics (co-advisor: Vincent Foulongne).

Thomas Bénéteau

LcC-funded PhD candidate from on modelling HPV cancer dynamics (co-advisors: Mircea Sofonea and Christian Selinger).

Massilva Rahmoun

CNRS engineer in immunology and clinical researcher, currently working on the EVOLPROOF project.

Sophie Grasset

Clinical Research Technician working on the EVOLPROOF project.

Jérôme Bourret

Montpellier University-funded PhD candidate working on virus evolution in chronic infection (main advisor: Nacho Bravo).

Soraya Groc

Clinical research technician working on the EVOLPROOF project.

Vanina Boué

Engineer in biology working on the EVOLPROOF project.

Baptiste Elie

ENS-Cahan MSc Student on memory effects in epidemiology (co-supervisor: Christian Selinger).

Bastien Reyné

Engineer in statistics working on the EVOLPROOF project.



Matthew Hartfield

ATIP-Avenir-funded post-doctoral fellow (2012-2014) on virus evolutionary dynamics. Now a Research fellow in Edinburgh (UK).

Carmen Lía Murall

ERC-funded Post-doctoral fellow on papillomavirus ecology and evolution (2015-2018). Now on maternity leave.

Christian Selinger

ERC-funded Post-doctoral fellow in biostatistics, genomics and epidemiology (2017-2019). Now IRD tenured researcher.

PhD candidates

Mircea Sofonea

ENS-funded PhD candidate (2014-2017) on modelling multiple infections and virulence evolution (co-advisor: Yannis Michalakis). Now Assistant Professor at the University of Montpellier.

Emma Saulnier

Montpellier University-funded PhD candidate (2013-2017) in Viral phylodynamics (co-advisor: Olivier Gascuel). Now data scientist at Uppli in Paris.

MSc students

Mathieu Moslonka-Lefebvre

MSc Student at ETH (2009) on modelling epidemics on networks (co-supervisor: Sebastian Bonhoeffer).

Susan V. Cousineau

MEME MSc Student (2011-2012) on sex heterogeneity and the evolution of virulence.

Eileen Rebecca Butterfield

MEME MSc Student (2011-2012) on the project modelling the evolution of resistance and tolerance (co-supervisor: Yannis Michalakis).

Jessica Abbate

Chateaubriand fellowship (2011) on epidemiological modelling of plant pathogens (supervisor: Janic Antonovics).

Guilhem Heinrich

MSA MSc Student (2012) on linking epidemiology and phylogenetics (co-supervisor: Olivier Gascuel).

Eugene Geidelberg

MEME MSc Student (2014-2015) on modelling the evolution of drug resistance in HIV at the within- and between-host levels.

Tsukushi Kamiya

MEME MSc Student (2014) on the coevolution of immunosuppression and virulence.

Lafi Aldakak

MEME MSc Student (2015) on modelling ebola virus virulence evolution (co-supervisor: Mircea Sofonea).

Yağmur E. Erten

MEME MSc Student (2015) on modelling virulence evolution in a heterogeneous environment (co-supervisor: Sébastien Lion).

Danesh Gonché

BCD MSc student (2016) working on viral phylodynamics and the PANGEA contest (co-supervisor : Emma Saulnier).

Diede de Haan

MEME MSc student (2016) working on bioinformatics and virus genomics (co-supervisor : Nacho Bravo).

Luis F. V. V. Boullosa

MEME MSc student (2016) working on modelling virulence evolution (co-supervisor : Mircea Sofonea).

Stefano Tiso

MEME MSc student (2017) working on HPV diversity evolution (co-supervisor : Carmen Lía Murall).

Camille Mayeux

B2E MSc student (2018) working on HPV epidemiology (co-supervisor: Nacho Bravo).

Julien Lombard

MODE MSc1 student (2019) on modelling coinfections and drug resistance (co-supervisors: Mircea Sofonea and Ramsès Djidjou-Demasse).

Dennis Lopez

MD and Biology & Health MSc1 student (2019) on HPV infections in young women.

Dorian Vlaeminck

Physics and engineering of life MSc1 student (2019) on epidemics on networks (co-supervisor: Christian Selinger).

Thomas Bénéteau

MDV MSc2 student (2019) on modelling HPV within-cell dynamics (co-supervisors: Mircea Sofonea and Christian Selinger).

Mahé Liabeuf

Undergrad student (2019) on phylodynamics (co-supervisor: Gonché Danesh).


Matthieu Jung

Research engineer in computer sciences on the PEPS project (2012). Now at the CNRS in Strasbourg at the IGBMC.

Claire Bernat

Engineer on the EVOLPROOF project (2017-2018). Now a CNRS engineer at the IGF in Montpellier.

Mélanie Pélissou

Technician in biology (2017-2018) on the EVOLPROOF project. Now working at

Gaëtan Peris

Computer scientist (2016) working on the EVOLPROOF project. Now working at GFI.