Samuel Alizon

Research director at the CNRS and exploiter team leader. Theoretical evolutionary ecologist specialised in the study of infectious diseases, with a particular interest in human parasites such as HIV, HCV, malaria, ebola, HPV, or SARS-Cov-2.

Gonché Danesh

Research engineer in phylodynamics and genomics analyse sof human viruses.

Vincent Garot

MVA MSc internship on phylodynamics (main supervisor: Laurent Jacob).

Molly Edbrooke

IMaLiS MSc internship on HPV within-host evolution (co-supervisor: Gonché Danesh).

Emma Kerioui

ISPED MSc internship on COVID-19 epidemic waves analysis (co-supervisor: Olivier Supplisson).

Auriane Rousselle

Last year intership from IPSA working on modeling HPV infections.

Thomas Bénéteau

LcC-funded PhD candidate from on modelling HPV cancer dynamics (co-advisors: Mircea Sofonea and Christian Selinger).

Baptiste Elie

ENS-Cahan-funded PhD candidate working on HPV ecology and evolution (co-advisor: Nacho Bravo and Vincent Foulongne).

Nicolas Tessandier

ANRS-MIE post-doctoral research fellow working on HPV immunology.

Olivier Supplisson

ANRS-MIE-funded PhD candidate on modeling herpesvirus seroepidemiology in France (co-advisors: Mircea Sofonea and Sonia Burrel).

Bastien Reyné

Montpellier University-funded PhD candidate working on modelling vaccination policies in epidemiology (co-advisor: Christian Selinger and Mircea Sofonea).

Tsukushi Kamiya

FRM post-doctoral research fellow working on vaginal microbiota dynamics.

Valérie Noël

CNRS engineer in bioinformatics.



Matthew Hartfield

ATIP-Avenir-funded post-doctoral fellow (2012-2014) on virus evolutionary dynamics. Now a Research fellow in Edinburgh (UK).

Carmen Lía Murall

ERC-funded Post-doctoral fellow on papillomavirus ecology and evolution (2015-2018). Now post-doctoral fellow in Montréal.

Christian Selinger

ERC-funded Post-doctoral fellow in biostatistics, genomics and epidemiology (2017-2019). Now IRD tenured researcher.

PhD candidates

Emma Saulnier

Montpellier University-funded PhD candidate (2013-2017) in Viral phylodynamics (co-advisor: Olivier Gascuel). Now data scientist in Toulouse (France).

Mircea Sofonea

ENS-funded PhD candidate (2014-2017) on modelling multiple infections and virulence evolution (co-advisor: Yannis Michalakis). Now Assistant Professor at the University of Montpellier.

Gonché Danesh

FRM-funded PhD candidate (2017-2021) on phylodynamics of HIV and coinfecting viruses (co-advisor: Marc Choisy). Now a research engineer in the team in Montpellier.

Jérôme Bourret

Montpellier University-funded PhD candidate (2017-2020) working on analysing codon usage preference (main advisor: Nacho Bravo). Currently a post-doctoral fellow with Étienne Simon-Lorière in Paris.

Başak Uysal

FHU-funded PhD candidate (2020-2023) on vaginal microbiota and viral infections (co-advisors: Vincent Foulongne and Nicolas Tessandier).

MSc students

Mathieu Moslonka-Lefebvre

MSc Student at ETH (2009) on modelling epidemics on networks (co-supervisor: Sebastian Bonhoeffer).

Susan V. Cousineau

MEME MSc Student (2011-2012) on sex heterogeneity and the evolution of virulence.

Eileen Rebecca Butterfield

MEME MSc Student (2011-2012) on the project modelling the evolution of resistance and tolerance (co-supervisor: Yannis Michalakis).

Jessica Abbate

Chateaubriand fellowship (2011) on epidemiological modelling of plant pathogens (supervisor: Janic Antonovics).

Guilhem Heinrich

MSA MSc Student (2012) on linking epidemiology and phylogenetics (co-supervisor: Olivier Gascuel).

Eugene Geidelberg

MEME MSc Student (2014-2015) on modelling the evolution of drug resistance in HIV at the within- and between-host levels.

Tsukushi Kamiya

MEME MSc Student (2014) on the coevolution of immunosuppression and virulence.

Lafi Aldakak

MEME MSc Student (2015) on modelling ebola virus virulence evolution (co-supervisor: Mircea Sofonea).

Yağmur E. Erten

MEME MSc Student (2015) on modelling virulence evolution in a heterogeneous environment (co-supervisor: Sébastien Lion).

Danesh Gonché

BCD MSc student (2016) working on viral phylodynamics and the PANGEA contest (co-supervisor : Emma Saulnier).

Diede de Haan

MEME MSc student (2016) working on bioinformatics and virus genomics (co-supervisor : Nacho Bravo).

Luis F. V. V. Boullosa

MEME MSc student (2016) working on modelling virulence evolution (co-supervisor : Mircea Sofonea).

Stefano Tiso

MEME MSc student (2017) working on HPV diversity evolution (co-supervisor : Carmen Lía Murall).

Camille Mayeux

B2E MSc student (2018) working on HPV epidemiology (co-supervisor: Nacho Bravo).

Julien Lombard

MODE MSc1 student (2019) on modelling coinfections and drug resistance (co-supervisors: Mircea Sofonea and Ramsès Djidjou-Demasse).

Dennis Lopez

MD and Biology & Health MSc1 student (2019) on HPV infections in young women.

Dorian Vlaeminck

Physics and engineering of life MSc1 student (2019) on epidemics on networks (co-supervisor: Christian Selinger).

Thomas Bénéteau

MDV MSc2 student (2019) on modelling HPV within-cell dynamics (co-supervisors: Mircea Sofonea and Christian Selinger).

Mahé Liabeuf

Undergrad student (2019) on phylodynamics (co-supervisor: Gonché Danesh).

Afra Salazar

MEME MSc1 student (2020) working on modelling the evolution of the asymptomatic period.

Baptiste Elie

EBE MSc2 (2020) working on memory effects in epidemiology (co-supervisor: Christian Selinger).

Jean Pachebat

Intern from Télécom Paris working on analysing COVID-19 time series (co-supervisor: Christian Selinger).

Quentin Chaung

Intern from ENS Cachan (2021) on PAPCLEAR clinical data analyses (co-supervisor: Nicolas Tessandier).

Louis Colliot

M1 internship from Lille University (2022) on phylodynamics and the PANGEA contest (co-supervisor: Gonché Danesh).


Vanina Boué

Engineer in biology working on the EVOLPROOF project (2018-2023).

Corentin Boennec

Engineer in data science working on COVID-19 (2020-2021). Now a PhD candidate in Toulouse.

Claire Bernat

Engineer on the EVOLPROOF project (2017-2018). Now a CNRS engineer at the IGF in Montpellier.

Mélanie Pélissou

Technician in biology (2017-2018) on the EVOLPROOF project. Now working at

Gaëtan Peris

Computer scientist (2016) working on the EVOLPROOF project. Now working at GFI.

Massilva Rahmoun

CNRS engineer in immunology and clinical researcher (2014-2020). Now working at CNRS MIVEGEC with Nacho Bravo.

Soraya Groc

TEC on the project EVOLPROOF (2018-2020). Now working at CHU Montpellier.

Sophie Grasset

TRC on the project EVOLPROOF (2018-2020). Now working at CHU Montpellier.

Matthieu Jung

Research engineer in computer sciences on the PEPS project (2012). Now at the CNRS in Strasbourg at the IGBMC.